Welcome to Free Open Creative Law

Free Open Creative LawFree Open Creative Law (or FOC Law – pronounced folk law) is an initiative committed to developing an awareness of and appreciation for the benefits of developing and sharing “intellectual property” collaboratively, in order to foster creativity and increase freedom within our society.

The words “Free”, “Open” and “Creative” have both special and general meaning.  “Free” has a specific meaning in the “Free Software” world that is aligned with “Free Speech” (rather than “Free Beer”), “Openness” is increasingly de rigueur, whether it be “Open Innovation”, “Open Government”, “Open Source“, “Open Standards” or “Open Data”, and the “Creative Commons” has given a new meaning to “Creative” through new ways to flexibly share creative works under a range of simple licences.

Free Open Creative Law is in pre-launch phase, as we work with a group of individuals and  organisations to build resources that demonstrate how the law can be applied to increase freedom, openness and creativity, rather than prohibit, restrict and constrain.

FOC Law will hold its public launch very soon.

If you would like to be invited to our launch by The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG, please e-mail info@foclaw.org or leave a comment below.

FOC Law is an initiative of legal.consult