It’s all about sharing

Andrew Perry, Executive Director, Free Open Creative Law

Andrew Perry

As my friends and colleagues will attest, I have been raving on about Free and Open Source Software for over a decade now, and about establishing a “legal centre” around Free and Open Source Software development for almost half that time.

Free Open Creative Law is the beginning of a concerted effort to create a community where we can explore not just the legal issues around Free and Open Source, but the broader economic, commercial,¬†philosophical, sociological and legal issues for “Sustainable Sharing”, a phrase I thought I just made up, but which I now see Sustainable Melbourne were¬†discussing last year (in the context of physical goods) and Peninsula Park Commons implemented back in 2003/4 (in the context of housing)!

Above all, Free Open Creative Law is tasked with helping turn our collective wisdom into initiatives that promote open innovation through Sustainable Sharing, whether it be through law reform, Social Enterprise (such as contract and systems/platform development) or education.

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